Thursday, July 15, 2021

Evaluation second year. Teachers

 This evaluation has been carried out by teachers in Zaragoza.  All the staff are hightly satisfied with our Erasmus projects in our school, and many of them are willing to participate in them and having responsibilities as well. That s already a part of our school project, our links with another schools from Europe.  We think we have a lot of benefits from a professional and above all humane point of view, in order to be more tolerant and open to another views, and capacity to learn the ones from the others.

Second year student evaluation

  69 students from the fourth countries partners of this project: Macedonia, Poland , Portugal and Spain have done the evaluation, getting highly possitive results.

Evaluation second year. Coordinators




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Final outcomes

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(Workshops - photos, videos, reports, comments)


(Escape Room activity)


Artsteps - teacher training


Workshop 3. Perfumed soap making

 This workshop is divided into two parts:

1- Making glycerin soaps;

2- Design and preparation of packaging and labels for soaps. 


WORKSHOP 3 (MATERIAL) – Soap + Label


-a microwave

-250 gr of solid glycerine (for each student means up to 5 soaps)

- small flowers, seeds, leaves of aromatic herbs, lavender, piece of grass…

-silicone moulds (small ones)

-colouring (the liquid for food), essence

-cellophane/wax paper and thread to wrap the soaps

-a sheet of paper to print the label




Video: Melt and pour soap making for beginner [2019] - YouTube



2- Design and preparation of packaging and labels for soaps


Canva files with some label examples, that students can adapt according to their creativity.


Some tutorials to inspire studentes to create beautiful packages to wrap handmade soap:





Workshop 2. Scrapbooking

 WORKSHOP 2 (MATERIAL) – Scrapbooking


Note:We will send to your school, in advance, the necessary material. The students only need: